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Every Door

Vancouver, Global
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EveryDoor is the universal keyless access automation platform that significantly reduces the time you spend managing and exchanging keys. We do it by connecting to all of your apartment buzzer/intercom systems and smart locks, then automating keyless access for every guests, cleaner, and visitor. Our customers call us "essential", "life-changing," and "liberating!"
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Meet: Every Door

WHAT IS EVERYDOOR? EveryDoor does the dirty work of making keyless access control work for your rental business! We figured out how to work with old and new buzzer systems and a variety of smart locks to bring all your remote door control into one standard platform. Using your booking calendars and pre-existing access control hardware, we can automate away administration overhead and integrate your operations processes with your technology. The result: you spend significantly less time managing keys, performing key exchanges and coordinating guest and cleaner access.

WHAT DOES OUR PLATFORM DO? We create keyless access technologies for every door type so that you can streamline access control tasks resulting in a more powerful operations team. Every lock is controlled through our easy to use web dashboard, and every buzzer (common property intercom) is enhanced with an access method appropriate for any arriving individual. Accessible by any approved staff, access schedules can be created on-demand or automatically derived from your existing booking system. It all amounts to a single system which can schedule independent keyless check-ins and cleaner visits, provide emergency on-demand access, and control and oversee your whole organization’s access operations in one place.

ELIMINATING KEY EXCHANGES We can make keyless access technology work for businesses in exciting new ways. In the short term rental industry, the most common ways to facilitate guest check-ins are to meet the guest in person at the property (or paying someone to do so) or make the guest pick up the key from somewhere. This method can take many forms, such as outdoor lock boxes, hiding the key in a public place, stashing the key at an unfamiliar shop, or instructing the guest to pick up the key from an office. EveryDoor eliminates the need for these problematic key exchanges entirely. We make it easy for you to provide keyless access to locked apartment buildings and houses so that your guests can get their keys directly from inside your properties and enjoy their stay sooner. Incorporating EveryDoor into your operations will eliminate your key exchanges and key management headaches.

LET’S TEAM UP! We are continually expanding the possibilities for keyless access control to benefit your Airbnb hosting. We want to be your partner in ensuring keyless access becomes an advantage for your short term rental business. Let’s chat this week about it!

Daniel Fraser, Founder and CEO @ EveryDoor

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