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Jesi Umetin - Sumeg-ang

Sagada, Philippines
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Languages: English, Tagalog
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I totally support how Airbnb works and I love working with its platform.
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Meet: Jesi Umetin - Sumeg-ang

I totally support how Airbnb works and I love working with its platform. Over the previous years I had the opportunity of handling side projects for online clients managing their Airbnb accounts and somehow that was how I got started. That was how I was oriented. Then last year, it struck me - since Airbnb seems to be working awesomely for my online clients, why not offer it to the bnb's in my locale? It was a genius idea! And my first local client was thoroughly pleased with the revenue results. Because of my first client's success, more home and inn owners are signing up for my services as a property manager.

What do we provide?

Property listings and management

Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!


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    Meet the team: Jesi Umetin - Sumeg-ang

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