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Joined : March, 2017
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Atlanta, United States
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Languages: English
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We use our background in the vacation rental industry to help you manage your turnovers and provide the best hospitality experience for your guests.
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Meet: Kleenerly

At Kleenerly we are well aware of the fact that finding a consistent, reliable and highly skilled cleaning and turnover service provider is one of the biggest headaches for a short-term rental operator. You need to find a partner you can fully rely on to perform the perfect cleaning every single time. A partner who can deliver turnover services that truly make your guests feel like they are staying in a high-end hotel. A partner who will transform you into a "super-host".

We started Kleenerly out of our own experience managing vacation rentals and the need for a service that we now proudly provide to so many hosts who understand the importance of a professionally managed turnover.


• Founders are industry experts and understand the short-term/ vacation rental market as well as today’s guest expectations

• KLEENERLY performs 5-star hotel-like cleaning and staging and finishes every turnover with it’s “signature hospitality touches” to make incoming guests feel even more comfortable and happy

• We are not an average cleaning company. We perform inspections, do maintenance and damage reports, offer a linen and re-stocking service, welcome gifts and key exchange/ check-in service

• KLEENERLY takes the hassle out of turnovers and delivers a worry-free experience to hosts

• We offer all the services to help you provide the best hospitality experience to your guests

• We know the importance of 5-star ratings and therefore quality check every single turnover cleaning to make sure the place is 100% guest-ready

• We have a 25+ question new client onboarding form - which we go through with you to get all the important information about your rental and your exact needs and expectations

• This form, along with personalized visual checklists and accurate pictures we take of each rental the first time we perform a turnover, mean you only give us all the necessary infos once - they are then saved and in case your dedicated cleaner can’t perform the turnover, your file will allow another cleaner to provide the exact same quality of service

• No need to train new cleaners over and over again and explain everything from scratch

• KLEENERLY will make you feel like our housekeepers are your in-house cleaners, but without the hassle of managing them, the risk and the high costs

• Our turnover specialists/ housekeepers go through a rigorous training program and have to study our 60-page cleaning handbook, checklists and culture book

• If requested, we leave our 100%-guest-ready checklist with a call-back number for guests (we'll come back for free if we missed a spot)

• 99% of the time we are more flexible than any other cleaning company and we accept last-minute bookings or “emergency cleanings”

• Easy booking process and seamless communication will give you the best customer service experience

• KLEENERLY has the same goal in mind as you and is working hard and often behind the curtain to make sure all your turnovers are smooth, the cleanings are spotless and that ultimately your guests are happy

• We are building strong and long-lasting business relationships


What do we provide?


Cleaning & Guest Preparation

Defining the new standard of "guest-ready"

As hospitality experts and experienced Vacation Rental/ Airbnb operators ourselves, we understand the needs of our clients as well as the expectations of their guests.

We know that the perfect cleaning, set up and presentation of your rental plays a huge part in the experience of each visitor and that every 5-star review on your place's cleanliness or overall appearance contributes to an increased number of booking inquiries.

At Kleenerly we visualize your apartment from the eyes of your guests and make sure that every single corner and surface of your place are absolutely sparkling clean
- every single time.

For us a cleaning isn't just a cleaning. It's about the feeling you get staying in a spotless place. It's about the experience of each guest who checks into a property that is meticulously set up and made guest-ready at a level that you only experience in high-end hotels.


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  • imgInspection
  • imgClean every room
  • imgBathrooms
  • imgKitchen
  • imgLiving Room
  • imgBedroom
  • imgExtra cleaning (windows inside & out, exterior sweeping, furniture or carpet treatment, washing walls)

All the things we do every clean:


- Take pictures (if requested)
- Report any item left behind
- Clear rooms of all unwanted items and throw away
- Place soiled linen in washing machine (if booked)
- Pretreat bathroom


- All lights turn on
- AC works
- Kitchen appliances work
- All faucets work and toilets flush
- TV turns on
- Damage report

Every Room:

- Dust high then low (including ceiling fans, picture frames, lamps, baseboards)
- Clean window sills and dust blinds
- Remove cobwebs
- Vacuum furniture
- Vacuum the carpets and mop all floors
- Empty and clean all waste baskets
- Wipe all touch points (light switch, doorknobs etc.)
- Staging and final guest-ready touches
- Final inspection/ Quality check and going through 100% guest-ready checklist


- Clean the cabinets inside and outside and on top
- Shine the mirrors
- Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks
- Clean shower curtain rod, towel rack, soap dish, toilet paper holder
- Remove used towels and replace with fresh ones (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
- Arrange towels nicely
- Ensure hair dryer is clean and visible
- Replace/Remove used Toilet paper rolls (if provided, if not add Re-Stocking)
- Replace/Refill toiletries (if provided, if not add Re-Stocking)
- Staging and final guest-ready touches


- Clean dishes and check for cracked plates, etc.
- Place and arrange cleaned dishes and glasses nicely in cabinet
- Clean cabinets, appliances, sinks, tables and chairs
- Wipe and sanitize countertops
- Clean top, front and inside of oven
- Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave
- Clean overhead fan/ vent
- Clean inside of drawers
- Clean toaster, coffee maker, hot water kettle, blender etc.
- Take out the trash and replace with new bag
- Re-stock perishables like coffee, tea, sugar etc. (if provided, if not add Re-Stocking)
- Staging and final guest-ready touches

Living Room:

- Sanitize the telephone and remote controls.
- Dust TV and carefully clean if necessary
-Check if pullout bed has been used - change linens if needed (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
- Vacuum and arrange the upholstery
-Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
- Furniture dusted - on top, on front and underneath
- Dust and clean picture frames, artwork, bookshelves, lamps etc.
- Staging and final guest-ready touches


- Make beds hotel-style
- Floors under bed vacuumed and/or mopped if accessible 
- Sanitize the telephone and remote controls
-Vacuum the upholstery, the floor, inside of closet and drapes if needed
- Replace empty Kleenex boxes with new ones (if provided, if not add Re-Stocking)
- Clean mirrors
- Place extra towels neatly folded on bed or in closet (if provided, if not add Laundry or Linen Rental Service)
- Staging and final guest-ready touches

Extra Cleaning:

- Clean windows inside and outside
- Exterior sweeping or cleaning
- Furniture or carpet treatment
- Washing walls

Extra Turnover:

- Replacing and Re-Stocking perishables, supplies, and toiletries (provided by Kleenerly)
- Welcome gift
- Grocery delivery
- Key exchange
- Mid-stay cleanings for longer term guests (if requested)



Laundry & Linen Rental

One load at a time

You most likely already have one or two sets of sheets per bed and a good amount of towels. If that is the case we offer to wash and dry all the soiled items using either your in-unit washer & dryer, your building's laundry room or a nearby laundromat.

If your linen is not in absolute top shape anymore or you want to switch to high-quality white linen to give your guests more of a high-end hotel feel, we also provide the option of renting our linen for an extra charge per turnover.

Either way, we make sure your guests notice the feel and smell of a fresh bed with clean sanitized sheets and towels.


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  • imgWash and dry items
  • imgLinen rental

Meet the team: Kleenerly



When it comes to hospitality and the vacation rental market, Ricardo is an expert. Former Regional and Operations Manager at (now Sonder), he gained knowledge and experience managing over 30 Airbnb vacation rentals, communicating and personally interacting with hundreds of hosts, homeowners and guests, always providing superb services.

While at Flatbook, one of his responsibilities was hiring housekeepers and cleaning companies to insure successful turnover cleanings. In his one and a half years of dealing with various individuals he realized it was no easy task finding someone with all the proper qualifications to provide a spotless 5-star cleaning and perfect turnover service every single time.

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